2011-2012 Animation Shorts
My name is James, and I would like to tell you what you could do with the pictures found on this cool page.
First, if you would like to save a copy of any of these pictures onto your computer, right-click a picture, and select the line that says, "Save Picture As."
Second, if you'd rather have the picture printed on paper to put on your fridge or to show to other people, select the line that says, "Print Picture."
Lastly, my favorite is to set it as my computer wallpaper by selecting the line that says, "Set As Background."

Another thing you might like to do is share this video with your friends on FACEBOOK.
In order to do this, first go to the YOUTUBE address of this video by clicking on the YOUTUBE logo in the bottom-right corner of this video player.
Second, once you get there, highlight the URL address in the box in the top-left-most portion of the Internet Explorer.
Third, right-click the highlighted address and select the line that says "Copy."
Fourth, go to your FACEBOOK wall, and create a new post.
Then, right-click the portion of the new post where you are supposed to write text and select the line that says "Paste" to paste the address.
Finally, press the "Share" button, and the video will appear on your wall.

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Feel free to use the copyright free pictures posted below.