1. Wishing Star
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Children always said to me “Wish upon a star
It makes no difference who you are, it will come true”
But even then deep in my heart I knew it wasn’t true
For I knew to find my dreams I must find you
But the one who make the stars above and taught them how to shine
He was knocking at the door of my heart
And asking me so tenderly” Will you let me in
I will come and bring you life within”

And I found you so I don’t need a wishing star
Because the one who make the stars is my best friend
No greater love than you would give your life for me
So that forever I could be by your side, by your side

Every year at birthday time they’d tell me “make a wish
And blow all your candles out, it will come true”
I’d close my eyes and think of you, I’d way this prayer to you
“Help me Lord to love and follow you”
Now each year I stop and think of all you’ve done for me
And the peace and joy that you have given me
How you always care for me and how you see me through
Ever since I gave my life to you