You Can Know God

Do you want to know God but wonder how? After all, he is so far away and so superior to us. We are literally worlds apart, aren’t we?

We do not have to be.       John3:16

The Bible is God’s message from Himself to mankind. In it we learn how awesome and loving He is. It also teaches us that He has both bad news and wonderfully liberating good news about our relationship with Him.     11Tim3:16; Rom.6:23

The bad news is that our wickedness and sinful nature have separated all of us from the amazing love and benefits of knowing God. The good news is that He has made a way to restore us to Himself and make us His beloved children.    Rom.3:10, 23; 6:23; 2Cor.5:21; John3:16

Prior to the birth of Jesus, God instructed believers to sacrifice a perfect animal, the best of all they owned to Him. The death of this animal symbolized before God and the sinner how the death of the perfect one was required to cover their sins from the eyes of God.

The Old Testament of the Bible teaches that without the shedding of the perfect blood sacrifice there is no payment to remove the penalty of our sin. Without this sacrifice mankind is left in a position to receive God’s wrath, including eternal punishment in Hell.           Lev.17:11; Heb. 9-10; Matt.13:41-42

The death of the perfect one was a picture by which God showed us the sacrifice that He Himself was going to make on our behalf, the perfect and innocent for the guilty. Jesus Christ, the Son of God was the only sacrifice that could have the power to redeem the world.          Isa.53; Heb.10:1-18; Lev.6-7

God’s plan was a deliberate and preplanned choice by which He would liberate us from the power of death. He had the end goal of bringing us into His own family and giving us every spiritual blessing.        Eph.1:3-14

Although it was extremely difficult, Jesus willingly chose to do as God directed. He was tortured and crucified according to God‘s plan. In His death God punished Jesus for every wicked thing we ever did or ever will do.      Isa.53; John1:29; 11Cor.5:21, Matt.26:2, 12; Mat chpt27-28

Many times before his death Jesus told his followers that he was going to die as the sacrificial Lamb of God. He also said that He would come back to life again.     Matt.20:18, 19, 20; John2:19-21

True to His word He was resurrected from the dead, proving that He really was the Son of God and that His mission to save believers was accomplished.      Matt.28

How to Be Saved

The Bible teaches that it is through faith that we receive God’s gift of salvation. This gift of eternal life is given to us when we trust in Jesus of the Bible and turn to Him for salvation.    IICor7:10

The Bible teaches that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.      Rom.10:13

I called upon the name of the Lord as a young girl at a Calvary Chapel Bible study. I was drawn to the study to hear the music but what I found was life revolutionizing.The teacher explained how Jesus is the Son of God and all He did for me. He asked us to come forward and receive Jesus as savior. It was at that altar that I asked Jesus to come into my life. He did.

Back then I did not understand everything there was to know about the commitment I was making. I just knew I wanted Jesus. And timed proved that it was the best decision I ever made.

God has reached out to you. Reach back to Him in prayer as you admit to Him your sinfulness and ask Him for forgiveness. He will forgive you and give you a new spiritual life.

If you would like someone to write to or speak with please contact us. We would love to help you to know Him.

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