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Can I trust the Bible? Why didn’t God heal Lane Goodman and Joe Lowe?  

The harsh realities of life smashed right between the eyes of our/my Owensboro community Thursday, October 15, 2012, leaving it staggering from the blow when we lost 2 beloved community members in their fights against cancer. Radio Host Joe Lowe of station WOMI, call number 1490 and 13 year old Lane Goodwin of Beach Grove.
It also hit smack into our hearts as their plights were well known to the public through radio, TV and social networking. This media awareness allowed even those who never even met…Read more

The Limo and the Resurrection 

The Limo and the Resurrection

The “Some Sins “song   Music link.

I was watching. He is watching.

My eyes just could not keep from watching the bizarre sight as the long string of limos proceeded down the boulevard. It looked like a Thanksgiving Day parade because the tops of the cars were draped from side to side with huge sprays of flowers that resembled giant turkeys. But it was not for Thanksgiving or any celebration at all.

Instead, it was a funeral procession. “But who had died?”I wondered.

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I have this dog, you see. Well, actually, I am not sure I want to claim him. For now he will just be “My Cat’s Dog”.

Sure, we wanted a dog to play with. But we also reasoned that we needed one. You see we live out in the country and there are wild animals that can take over if you don’t have a dog to claim the territory for his own. After the death of my coonhound the coyote’s midnight shrieks began to seem closer and closer to the house and the glowing eyes of hungry opossum were spotted lurking on our…Read more


1Samuel 2:30 “… for them that honour me I will honour …” (KJV)

Just imagine it. You have the opportunity to present your talents to the greatest and most influential person you have ever met. Something you have dreamed of for a lifetime. Think of what this could lead to. Imagine what that person could do for you!

I think of a patient of mine who I once evaluated for Physical Therapy. Toward the treatment booth she walked, head bowed low, her hand clutched the medical mask that hid her nose and mouth.…Read more

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