Just how powerful is memorizing scripture?

1. Satan himself uses it in warfare against God.

2. Jesus used it to battle off Satan.

3. Paul used it in warfare to fight off false teacher who were under demonic influence.

God calls his word a sharp sword to be used in the unseen world to fight off invisible demonic beings and their followers. Memorizing, meditating and studying the scriptures is the only way to arm one’s self against the forces of the dark kingdom that lurk day and night to devour your soul.

These forces don’t advance by any rules. They will do anything necessary to kill your spiritual growth. Their main means of attack is to seek out the weak and separate them from the group. They do so by stirring up problems within the unit ,causing them to separate from one another, whereby they can take down those who are out on their own and destroy their spiritual life without much of a fight.

Three things we need to do to thwart the enemies advances:

1. Grab a sword (memorize, meditate and study God’s word).

2. Join an army that will watch your back (be involved in a church that will hold you accountable, strengthen you and rescue in time of need).

3. Keep a sharp eye out for the enemy (don’t let him creep in through bad influences that offend the source of all spiritual power, God the father, Jesus Christ our savior and the Holy Spirit our earthly companion and comforter).

By memorizing and meditating on the scriptures you will be ready when Satan and his followers sneak up on you with a surprise attack. They will attack when you are least ready for battle, so have the word memorized and in your mind like the sharp, double edged sword that a ready soldier has for battle. 

These tunes were designed to help you drill the word into your heart and mind. May God use these tools to help safeguard you against these attacks.

With love from your brothers and sisters here at Morning Song.

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