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Thank you for taking the time to come and see about "Christian Action Fiction." Check out the work of the many talented artists who have helped us along the way and read about why we do what we do. If you came to the site by way of a trading card, you may want to check out the collection near the bottom of the page

" Junior, turn that rotten show off ! "

Did you ever sit down to enjoy a popular story that you’ve heard so much about just to be disappointed by it because there were things in it that you knew displeased God?   We have!!!!    Have you ever wondered why it seems that all the really quality entertainment is ungodly? We have, all the time!!! We complained and listened to others complain while all the while thinking “Why doesn’t somebody produce something high quality that will build us up instead of tearing us down? Eventually, God brought us around to accept the idea that it was time to stop complaining and start trying to be a part of the solution. That is when we began to write our own story, Messenger of Light and the Prisoner of Darkness.   But we do not want to be alone in this venture; we want to encourage other unknown Christian authors to do the same.  Together let’s use our gifts to change our world for Christ.


We are currently under development here at Morning Song Production as we reach out to explore Christian Action Fiction. Our first story, part one of our series Messenger of Light and the Prisoner of Darkness, which has been affectionately nick named “MOLPOD” is coming in for a landing. We think you will enjoy getting a glimpse of the developing concept art as the book has grown through the years. Until now we have been known mostly for free KJV Scripture songs, available at our site at Free Music For Kids, KJV Scripture Songs for Children but we would love for you to join in with us in our new venture in Christian Action Fiction. It is our hope to enrich and encourage you in the faith as we journey along in our missions from God.

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