Who is Morning Song?


Did you ever have a critically important message but were not quite sure how to best tell the world? Wanting to share life-revolutionizing truth from the scripture, Steve and Joanne Scott earnestly prayed to the Lord to be able to help others through their music.

Like mana from heaven, the inspiration fell. During morning Bible reading and devotions, Joanne's mind was flooded with tunes and their lyrics. In the night, songs and arrangement came to Steve, and he would record them first thing in the morning. That is how Morning Song Productions began.

Here at Morning Song, we believe it is our calling to bring you life liberating, easy listening music
straight from the word of God.


About Steve

Having burned his rock-n-roll paraphernalia and moving himself and his little family from the club circuit scene
of Los Angeles to the tiny rural town of Utica, Kentucky, Steve Scott felt that his ties to music were finally severed. Years of frustration trying to make Christian music work for him had always failed. In frustration he tried to fill the yearning with secular music. This only served to pull him further and further from the Lord, and his own family. Now, he felt that God's plans for him in music were all gone. The years rolled by, but the fire inside never died.

Deciding that it was time to do whatever God wanted, he responded to the pastor’s request to be a Sunday school teacher for a group of bus children. Many of the kids would only come once and might have only one opportunity to hear the word of God. Realizing the power of music for memorization he began to pick up his guitar to teach the word through song. Having a limited number of scripture songs that he knew, he and his wife Joanne began writing scripture songs until they had a repertoire covering the basics of the gospel.

At the next church that he attended, his new pastor requested that he start a children’s choir. It was from here that he was asked to put on a Christmas play. With a love of both music and storytelling, Steve began writing, staging and producing Christmas plays and their music. Finally he began to feel that God was bringing him into a field that he always felt the unrelenting drive to follow.

The pastor requested a recording of the music. It was from there that Steve began the learning process of how to record and produce records. His first album, Messenger of Light came out November 2006, followed by his second project, A Christmas to Remember, in December of 2009.

About Jo

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